Do you still feel that adoption was the best decision for you?

“I’ve grown from the experience. Yes, at times I feel empty and struggle a little. But in all I’ve realized how strong I truly am. I put myself to the side and did what was best for my children. And, I am proud of myself for it. I do not regret the choice I made and I never will. He will have things that I could not provide and a family somewhere will now know the love of parenting.” – Maggie

“Yes, at the time my life was in turmoil. I wanted the best for my son. I couldn’t do it. I knew that the adoptive parents were financially and emotionally stable enough to offer my baby things I never could. They were such a blessing to me and my son.” – Layla

“I think that it was a good decision because I know that I could not provide for the baby like I wanted to and I see now he is happy.” – Ann

Do you still feel that adoption was the best decision for you baby?

“Everything that I wished to give my daughter was made possible because of her adoptive parents. She is truly blessed.” – Claire

“Yes, because he will have more opportunities in life that at the present time I couldn’t provide for him.” – Renee

What are some of the goals you have been able to achieve after placing you baby?

“To get my life in order, go back to school, which I did and graduated.” – Kristen

“After placing my baby I was able to find a job, I started going back to school.” – Lauren

If you were to write to a birthmother who just placed her baby, what would you tell her?

“Doing this is very selfless. Not only are you bringing a blessing to a family, but you are choosing to put yourself and your feelings to the side and putting your child first. It is not an easy choice to make or deal with but it is the best choice. And in the end you will be so proud of your strength and your decision.” – Eva

“I would explain to her that the decision for her baby will be the best in so many ways. Her child will be placed in a loving home they will offer her baby so many things in life that otherwise would never be.” – Carmen