You have a lot of questions. All of your questions are important and we are here to listen.When should I contact Amazing Grace Adoptions?

The sooner you call, the more help we can provide. Whether looking for more information or you feel ready to make an adoption plan; whether you are four weeks pregnant, have recently given birth or have already been parenting your child – we are here for you.

Why should I consider adoption?

Though you may feel alone in your situation, many women have found this is the best thing for them to do. Adoption gives your child a stable, loving home with a mother and father. Adoption provides real hope for your future and the future of your baby. Adoption is NOT abandonment. It is a life-giving, deliberate decision made out of sacrificial love.

Will I be able to be involved in choosing a family for my baby?

Yes, you can choose and meet with a family for your baby. All prospective adoptive families have been through the “home study” process, which reviews medical, criminal checks, and financial information and includes several interviews.

How will my child know that I made this plan out of love?

You can send cards, letters, pictures and gifts to the adoptive family through Amazing Grace Adoptions. Writing a letter to your child describing your adoption plan can be therapeutic for you and can answer many questions for him or her.

How will I know how my baby is doing after the adoption?

Adoptive families send pictures and reports of the child once a month for the first year and then once a year until the child is 18 years old. Additional contact is worked out on an individual basis. Also, an Amazing Grace Adoptions’ social worker will visit the adoptive family several times to ensure smooth placement.

What if my family is not supportive of my adoption plan?

It is not uncommon for family members to have reservations about an adoption plan. We encourage those family members to participate in counseling sessions. We also offer them the opportunity to connect with other birth families who have already walked through the adoption process. We recognize that your decision has significant effects on your entire family and desire to offer hope and help to them also.

Does the birthfather have to be included in the adoption process?

The birthfather is welcome to participate in the counseling sessions with you if desired. You would not be expected to contact him. If he is supportive of adoption, he can sign his legal paperwork before or after the child’s birth. Adoption laws can be confusing. Our counselor will discuss the birthfather’s rights with you according to your personal circumstances.

Why Amazing Grace Adoptions?

Amazing Grace Adoptions offers real help from professional counselors who will listen to you with compassionate, non-judgmental ears. You will be given real choices in making a plan for your baby’s future. We offer different levels of openness and communication with adoptive families following the adoptive placement. We extend grace in all situations. We will continue to provide supportive counseling, regardless of your decision, for as long as it is helpful to you.