Adoption Process

We understand that the adoption process can be an overwhelming and confusing one. We hope to alleviate as much confusion as possible. Below is an outline of the main steps in the domestic adoption process through Amazing Grace Adoptions.

  1. Call the AGA office to request a preliminary application packet.
  2. Once the packet is returned, an approval committee reviews each application.
  3. If approved, a pre-placement assessment (also called a home study) packet will be sent. The home study process is guided by the state of North Carolina’s requirements for paperwork and interviews. The home study packet will include documents such as medical forms, birth and marriage certificates, criminal record checks, health insurance verification, and financial information. Once all documentation has been received by AGA, a social worker contacts the family to begin the interview process. Three meetings are required.
  4. Once the home study has been completed and approved, it is valid for 18 months. This means an adoptive placement can be made during that period of time. Each family puts together a profile book, or photo album, about their lives. These books are shown to birthparents, who choose the adoptive family and may request a meeting with the family. These meetings are usually held in the AGA office and inevitably serve to remove fears and calm nerves of all parties involved.
  5. At the time of placement, physical custody of the child is given to the adoptive family, even though Amazing Grace Adoptions temporarily maintains legal custody. Two post-placement supervisory visits are required by North Carolina before finalization can be completed. The first of these occurs during the first two weeks following placement.

We understand that this brief description may not answer all questions. Please call the AGA office to discuss specific concerns or to schedule an appointment with one of our staff. Detailed fee information is available by calling or emailing the Amazing Grace Adoptions office.